Sorma Equipment

Automatic weighing machine that can work with several different packaging machines, each with different weights, at the same time.
It consists of a weighing system based on static fruit load cells, four containers that take the weight and two independent discharge belts. The weighing accuracy invariably falls within the weight tolerance setting. Pack weights between 500 g and 4 Kg.
Product size 35 mm ? 96 mm of stem less fruit.

OUTPUT: up to 50 packages/min.
INSTALLED POWER: 3 Kw ? 50 Hz ? 400 V
AIR CONSUMPTION: 60 Nl/min ? 6 bar

Fruits: Citrus, Blueberry

Packages: High impact wrapping for 20x30 cm cartons in extruded net and film, Tubular Pack in Extruded Net, Filnet, Multipack, Netbag, Nets, Sormapack, Vertbag