Coding Machines

Specifications for all MicroJets

Power Requirements: 115 VAC at 60Hz, 230 watts max. Other voltages 220 VAC at 50Hz. A dedicated power supply with an optional power conditioner may be required for optimum performance

Operation Power: Less than 24 volts.

Operation Variables: Product delay, character width, dot size, real time clock, message selection, box count, time and date change, individual valve setting, print direction, shift code change, expiration date changes, print line selection, pallet count, and omit slash from character zero options.

Character Set: Full ASCII 64 character upper-case set. Up to 39 character messages.

Print Direction: Forward or reverse.

Standard Features Available On
Automatic time and date coding All
Disposable ink container LD MicroJet, MicroJet AC
2 individual user settable expiration date codes All
Self-contained steel housing LD MicroJet, MicroJet AC
Automatic pallet count and shift code changes All
Alpha-numeric incrementing All
Heavy duty mounting block and L bracket included for simple mounting to conveyor All
Easy horizontal and vertical adjustments All
Saves print parameters with each message All
Low ink warning light All
User friendly software offers a choice of 7 languages to display instructional menus All
Ink system capacity is one liter disposable ink container LD MicroJet
RS232/RS422 serial port VersaJet LC
2 year limited warranty on valves LD MicroJet, VersaJet LC
1 year limited warranty on unit LD MicroJet